Legal Strategies for Holistic Health Professionals: Protecting Your Practice on the Road

Working in holistic health allows you to treat a variety of clients and patients in an alternative measure. When you take your practice on the road, you broaden your client base, but you also open yourself up to more potential legal issues.

What legal strategies you need to follow depends on a variety of factors, including the way you interact with patients. For example, do you have a mobile practice where you treat patients in their own homes? Do you have a mobile office where patients come to you based on where you’re located? Are you strictly virtual with your services?

Several questions arise when it comes to how to safely and effectively operate your holistic health practice while protecting your business and your clients. Here are some legal strategies for holistic health professionals to follow so you protect your practice on the road.

Have Full Or Commercial Coverage

The more insurance you have for your mobile practice, the better. Your vehicle may be part of your business, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have full automobile coverage or umbrella insurance. This additional coverage can help protect your vehicle and any employees or patients in the event you have an accident. Here are all the types of coverage you should have for your mobile practice.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance may be the best type of insurance to consider for your holistic health practice vehicle. This insurance can cover the vehicle itself and the damages accrued in an accident, including injuries to victims if you get into a wreck or your vehicle encounters a break-in. Your state may even require you to carry commercial auto coverage if you use a vehicle for mobile or other work-related uses.

Commercial Business Insurance

Your commercial business is insured outside of your commercial vehicle.

Commercial business insurance protects your business in the event of a natural disaster, legal issue, or other type of issue that could otherwise be costly to recover from. For example, if you’re working at a client’s home and your client slips and falls while going inside your commercial vehicle, your commercial business insurance will kick in to protect you. When working in the holisitic health or any health field, it’s wise to be cautious and have this additional coverage to protect your business and personal reputation. Since your practice is mobile, it’s all the more wise to have additional insurance outside of just commercial auto insurance so you are covered no matter where you’re operating services from.

Inventory Insurance

Just because you store your inventory in your commercial vehicle doesn’t mean that your commercial auto insurance automatically covers these items in case they get broken, damaged, or go missing. It’s wise to have inventory insurance so you have the additional coverage you need for your holistic health equipment, technology, and supplies.

Have All Patients And Clients Sign A Release Form

A release form is a legal document that you can have all clients and patients sign before you do business with them or let them use your holistic practice services. It’s another way to protect your assets and allow you to remain in control and takes away liability for issues outside your control, including but not limited to your holistic health practices being taken as medical advice. It’s wise to have these documents drafted by a business attorney.

Have All Licenses/Permits On Full Visible Display

Regardless of your travel limits for your mobile business, make sure you have your licenses, credentials, and permits on full display at all times. If you’re visiting patients at their homes or doing virtual or remote visits, then you want these credentials and licenses to be within easy visibility.

This is especially important when you are parking at event centers, farmers markets, and other locations that are temporary for your business to operate from. If you need to get temporary licenses for a special event or conference, confer with local city halls or those in charge of events you’re attending to make sure your business in is in full compliance.

Know What To Do In The Event Of An Accident

Your mobile business should be protected at all times, but the risk of an accident is never zero. This is especially true if you travel often and work entirely out of your holistic health work vehicle. Have a truck accident lawyer retained just in case an accident does occur, and file a police report immediately if an accident does happen. Consult with your truck accident attorney right away to assist you in filing an insurance claim, negotiate with insurance agents and other attorneys (if applicable), and work on behalf of your business to keep certain legalities and liabilities from affecting you.

If you want to take your holistic wellness practice to the next level, going mobile with your brand may be the best step to take. You can reach a wider demographic and enjoy the different locations your practice can take you. So long as you explore the right legal avenues to protect your brand, you should be able to practice when and where you want.

Getting Started

Making your mobile holistic health practice ready for the road is not as difficult as it may seem. Make sure you have the right insurance and retain attorneys who can help you in the event of an accident or to draft up paperwork, and you’re well on your way to taking your practice down a whole new path.

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