7 Reasons To Try Oxygen Therapy

You’ve probably heard some hype around Oxygen Therapy before, but is it really worth trying? Isn’t there oxygen all around us? The average room contains 21% oxygen, whereas Oxygen Therapy involves entering a pressurised chamber that contains 100% oxygen. More and more studies have shown that there are some amazing benefits to exposing yourself to oxygen under higher pressure.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best reasons to consider trying Oxygen Therapy.

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy, also known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, HBO therapy or HBOT, involves entering a pressurised chamber that contains 100% oxygen. The pressurised chamber, therefore, delivers oxygen that is two to three times the amount of regular air pressure. The increased pressure helps the lungs to absorb more oxygen than usual.

Oxygen therapy was once used to treat conditions like ‘the bends’ in divers, but it has many benefits, like helping your body heal and fighting infections. Here are some of the best benefits of Oxygen Therapy, which are great reasons to try it for yourself.

Reduced Inflammation and Faster Healing

What is the root of many health issues? Inflammation! Well, going for Oxygen Therapy has been shown to help decrease inflammation in the body by upping your oxygen supply to inflamed tissues and aiding your body’s natural healing process.

How is HBOT able to help enhance your body’s ability to heal? HBOT helps wounds heal by bringing oxygen-rich plasma to tissues that are starved for oxygen. Blood cells are damaged by wounds, which release fluid that leaks into your tissues, causing swelling. The swelling is what deprives the cells of oxygen and causes them to start to die.


Oxygen therapy then increases the oxygen supply to the tissues to accelerate the healing process by encouraging blood vessels to grow. HBOT therapy is so effective it’s often used to aid in recovery from certain surgeries, chronic non-healing wounds like diabetic ulcers.

It may Help Manage Pain

For those who suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and cluster headaches, you will be glad to know that HBO therapy may give you some relief from the pain.

Improved Brain Function

Ever felt brain fog? Well, oxygen is vital for the health of your brain. Going for Oxygen Therapy has been shown to help improve memory and cognitive function, especially in cases where people have sustained traumatic brain injuries and experienced cognitive decline. It has benefitted those struggling with long-COVID, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lyme Disease and even those going through chemotherapy.

Aids with Cancer Treatment

Unfortunately, Oxygen Therapy is not a cure for cancer, but it does help with cancer treatment. When used in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies, HBOT helps to boost the effectiveness of chemo and radiation therapy in patients. It does this by increasing the oxygen levels in tumour tissues and healing radiation damage.

Helps Strengthen Your Immune System

Want to boost your immune system? Oxygen plays a role in maintaining your overall health and immune cell function. Your white blood cells need oxygen to function well in order to fight off infections.

It may have Anti-Aging Effects

When we refer to anti-ageing, we’re not just talking about looks but overall well-being.


Going for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may help maintain your skin’s health and even promote collagen production, but oxygen impacts almost everything in our bodies and helps address issues like tissue healing, cognitive impairment, mitochondrial function and other age-related issues.

It Shows Promise in Treating Neurological Conditions

Through increasing the oxygen levels in the brain, Oxygen Therapy has been linked to helping people treat neurological conditions like Autism (ASD), Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, cerebral palsy and MS.

Is Oxygen Therapy Safe?

Yes. Generally, Oxygen Therapy is a safe procedure, and it’s very rare to experience complications. However, this type of therapy is better suited to some people than others with underlying or preexisting health conditions. Here are some of the unlikely risks that could occur when doing Oxygen Therapy:

  • Collapsed lung – this is one of the rarest risks, which is due to the changes in air pressure (barotrauma), so it’s not recommended for those with certain lung diseases, those with a collapsed lung, or if you currently have a cold or fever
  • Temporary Myopia (nearsightedness) – this is caused by temporary changes to the eye lens
  • Middle ear injury – this may be caused by the changes in air pressure, so it’s not recommended for anyone who has recently had ear surgery or an injury to the ear

Final Thoughts

Oxygen Therapy is a safe procedure that comes with so many benefits, but it’s always best to seek with your doctor or another medical professional before starting a new treatment. Some healthcare providers may use hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a standalone therapy or in addition to other medical treatments, including surgery and medicine. Just one to two-hour sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help you with your overall health.

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